The fashion week is here finally and the city of Lagos has been taken down with lots of street style and trendy outfits and for some of us who cant make it to the show, the best compensation we can get is to see people slaaaaying.

I’ll be sharing with you some fun facts that you probably don’t know about me and since I’ve decided to do this, I’ll want you all to share your details too. I’m in the mood for making new friends.

1. I’m an introvert

I enjoy being around (find a way around) people I’m close with. I have this veil of insecurity wrapped around me when I’m outside my circle.

2. I eat a lot

5 to 7 times on an average. I find it hard to convince people that i’m not what i eat. No-brainer.

3. A feminist

I’m a sheer believer of sexual equality.

4. I write

I write poems,fictions and screenplays every time (killing time synonym) the inspiration pops. Hope to get more articles written soon. Who’s up for the challenge?

5. I have an imaginary best friend: Y a s m i n

If you talk to yourself pretty much like i do, then you’ll understand. She was born when i was 12 and we’ve seen it all.

Been here. Done that!

If you see me sitting prettily in an event ,not talking or with my phone then its Yasmin and i doing a rundown of the cutest boys and hottest dresses.

6. Nicky,Ricky, Dickey and Dawn

1,2,3,4 i absolutely love (apple of eye meaning) this show. Who else?

Don’t hate me for watching Nickelodeon at my age but the #NRDD show makes me tune in every time.

7. I hate sea food!

Fish, shrimps and sorts. Bye! Not on my plate!

8. I love rap music

My favorite rap artistes are Drake drizzle and Kendrick Lamar.

9. I don’t like to wear heels

I’ll go with flats or sneakers anytime.

10. I’m addicted to ambitious people

Find yourself here

I love people with drive and raw passion. I can listen to them talk all day.

11. I don’t like having telephone conversations

Most times it aches to talk on the phone for a long period of time. I’d rather chat or make a video call. Talking on phone tires me and I’m always eager to say ‘Take care. Bye!’

12. I like being guy

No! I’m totally fine with who i am and won’t change for anything but yeah guy clothes,shoes, stuffs.

I’m the junk!

PS- I’m not a tomboy

13. Baggy clothes

Baggy is the new cool.

I’m a big hoarder of oversized clothes and are more comfortable in them because it gives me a sort of coverage. I like coverage!

14. I’m shy at first meetings

You’ll be begging me to stop talking when you get to know me.

15. I love afternoon naps.

I don’t think i can function properly without closing my eyes for a few minutes during the day.

Who’s like me?

Do you enjoy reading about me, what do we have in common? Let’s be friends by leaving a comment below. Thank you!