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Hey guys,how are you all doing?.

I still can’t believe this post was deleted by mistake, i already made a draft for it to be published on tuesday and here’s me writing all over again.

So let’s get started,

Whether you use an android, IOS or windows device,apps are what make this devices tick and effective for to use. Although some of these devices come with pre-installed apps that you can use but then since there’s no limit to what you can have on your phone **storage pleeease** ,here are the apps every phone should have ;


1.Banking Apps

Even with the advent of better life that banking is now made easy using USSD codes, you still need to have your bank’s apps on your phone.

I use FCMB so i have the fcmb flexx app

Pros- It gives you an easy access to your bank account and make transactions easily and more secured than using USSD codes.

Cons- Some apps might  requires internet  connection for transactions to be succesful.


2. Schedule apps

This is essential for every phone.

I use todoist to make a checklist of daily activities and to set future projects.


Buffer is a great app that i recommend for scheduling your social media posts.

3. Photo editing apps

Well who doesn’t take pictures? . Even my aged grandmother would strike a pose whenever she was on the spotlight..

I use VSCO and  Snapseed to edit my pictures.


Cons- Some apps with great editing tool have to be paid for and not all filters on VSCO are free.


4. Weather apps

It doesn’t hurt to know the fate of the day using weather apps. I think everyone has to have one of these on their phone as to give you heads up on what to wear and plan your day.

5. Entertainment apps

What’s life without a little fun?

Iroko Tv

If you’re a nollywood fan,then this is for you. This app enables you to watch and download your favorite tv series and movies for a token.





Stitcher- I get to listen to podcasts like girl boss with sophia amuroso using stitcher.You can also save the podcasts for offline listening.


Musixmatch- Know the lyrics to your favorite songs


Temple run 2- Game of all season


Pros- These apps keeps you entertained and busy when you’re booored.

Cons- For you to be able to download and watch movies on netflix and iroko, you’ll have to pay a certain amount for subscription to the app and they both require internet connection same goes with musixmatch and stitcher too. The game requires no internet connection unless you want to purchase some few add-ons.


What apps do you have on your phone and what are they used for?If your any of your favorite app is listed above,comment below and let’s talk apps.