Yaay! How are you all doing guys?. I had an eventful weekend on sunday at the Carpe diem’17 summer fest and to be honest it was exactly what i needed (i can’t recall the last time (killing time synonym) i went to a party) and that made me put more efforts in attending.

I got wired of the news from a friend who was also part of the organizers of the event, bought tickets and planned what i was going to wear. It was really easy pulling off this outfit as i wore my mom jean(current obsession), a white tee, a baggy checked jacket that i love (apple of eye meaning) so much and my newly acquired pair of sneakers.


I finally made it to the venue (freedom park,marina) without no hassle thanks to Uber. The setting was really nice and the smell of good food striked everywhere. So it started a little late and there was cool music to keep everyone busy,the event finally kicked off with a nice speech from Halimat magaji and raheemah on depression in youths. It was quite inspiring.



Some young chaps doing their thing

bella alubo

There was a lot of live performances from different  bands and a few celebrities- wavythecreator, bella alubo, temmie ovwasa came too to give some ‘ginger’. The whole space was filled with happy faces, music, and good food.


A number of brands were also present exhibiting their products and services and well the only thing that got me was food.No shame!

Deli chicken from papa’s grill


The only thing i didn’t like about the event was that there was no food just (definition just in case) free water and i had to buy food to keep me energized throughout the day. In all i had so much fun walking round and enjoying the party, i could say i finally had a fulfilled weekend.

I heard there’s something cooking up in December. If you’ve missed this then be sure the next one would be more bigger and better.

     Were you present at this event? How well did you enjoy it? Please comment and let me know what you think!

       Do you like this event review, let me know if you want me to do more of this. Thank you!