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How have you all been? Life hasn’t been fair to me lately and well the major reason for my inconsistency.I’ll be sharing with you bits of what happened later……….

The rainy season is upon us and coming from someone who has battled with cold for the last few weeks,i really wish i had known better than to think i was sturdy for this kinda weather and since we’re in for more showers in the next months here goes my must-haves for this season:



These are essential. Trust me,the only way you can prevent really loud and embarrassing sneezes and runny nose is to keep this with you. Supplements like Vit C, D and Zinc goes a long way in helping you survive the weather. Also fruits like grapefruit, avocado and bell pepper helps fight cold.


Be 100% safe


With the rain comes water and so a cocktail party for germs.Keep germs at bay by scooping a bottle of this everywhere you go.You don’t want to fall prey to water or airborne diseases.



Water + Water =No effect

Raincoat,umbrellas,rubber shoes,rain bonnet,plastic bags etc are essential items to get this season. You never know when the showers might start and if you don’t want to look like a ‘rain-soaked puppy’ afterwards, always go prepared.


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HM sweater


Yes! For the chilly nights and wet days you need to have a piece of this in your wardrobe.It’s so fashionable this days and you can get one that suits your style.Sweaters serve as a great add-on to your clothing.Apart from protecting your delicate clothes from getting soaked,it makes you feel warm and dry and can be pulled off when it gets hot.


Just to have some coverage because it’s not every time (killing time synonym) the weather gives it signs so a weather forecast from the right app might just (definition just in case) get you prepared for the day and help you set some limitations. Accuweather  is a great app that i recommend it gives an hourly update of the weather and its accessible and easy to use.



How has the rainy season been for you and what are the essentials that have helped you survive the weather?


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