Eeeeeeedy.The long awaited day is finally upon us. Eid-ul-Adha is one of the few celebrations that excites me for a lot of reasons. Apart from the excess supply of food and meat, this festival has long been conformed with unity among Muslims,family and friends.
Growing up, eid was just (definition just in case) about wearing the best clothes, eating a lot of dishes and delicacies and spending time (killing time synonym) with people we love (apple of eye meaning) and care about.

I thought to share with you guys this Eid checklist and also to help you remember anything that you may be forgetting.

Tidy up!

An essential part of being Muslims that we are all aware of, but most of us conveniently forget is the need for cleanliness.Its that time you need to clean ,take a full bath and shave,shave,shave and don’t forget the house too.You do want everything looking squeaky clean (no pressure!). Scrub those floors, polish the furniture, clean those corners, doors, light switches. Pay attention to these little details!

Wear the best clothes you have. Its essential that you appear in the best clean clothes dress that you can afford to,and modest too.Ensure you have your clothing all ironed out and ready 2-3 days before Eid and check for any faults.


As it is Eid and calls for extra glitz and glamour, this festival isn’t just enough without henna on our feets and hands. You should book an appointment with a henna artist today so you won’t miss the opportunity to look extra on Eid.

Fasting before going to offer Eid prayer and a day before (The day of Arafah)

Don’t forget to fast a day before Eid and on the day of Eid, go without breakfast till you’ve performed the Eid prayers.

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Know your Eid prayer location

This is also veeery important. If you’re someone who likes to change the eid prayer location every year,  then you need to know the next mosque you’ll be visiting and how soon you can get there.  And one more thing,don’t try to use google map on the day of Eid. Please Don’t!


Yaas! Start composing that text, gather up cards and the list of people you might want to wish for eid. Show the true signs of Islamic brotherhood by shaking hands and embracing  everyone you meet on eid and supplicating: “Taqabal Allahu Minna wa Minkum” (May Allah accept it from us and you).

Give out!

Remember the true spirit of Eid is reflected in our extreme generosity to the poor and the needy. So, be charitable as best as you can.Apart from giving meat offerings to the needy, money is also given before the morning Eid prayers, as well as into the charity boxes dotted round the mosque that day.

Seek pardon and acceptance
Make lots of istighfar (asking Allah for forgiveness) and pray that Allah accept our fast, prayers and devotion.


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Whichever way you which to spend your Eid this year,the notion of sacrifice and charity should not be forgotten.Eid is a great reminder of the blessings we have in our lives and a chance to give back to others.

How will you be celebrating Eid this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!