One month and the year’s a wrap. Who else is 2018 ready?

Better late than never so then a happy new month to you all. Trust you’ve all been well.

Cause i am………

If there’s something about flowers that i love, it would be its versatility: the beauty, color and smell.

Floral outfits are taking a toll in fashion now as the 90’s are back!


Taking a cue from a friend, i bought this floral shirt from a yard sale earlier this year and i haven’t worn it since then.

If this shirt had come as a dress, i probably would have loved if more. But shirts,skirts,dresses, pants who says no to florals?

I styled this shirt with midi skirt i got from here. For one who’s not big on skirts,i was delighted as to how it turned out.


Pretty innit?


Tips for wearing florals

Florals can make you feel feminine, but you can also style them to be edgy and tough. You can wear a large floral print, small floral print or just (definition just in case) mix-match them. The possibilities are truly endless.


  • You can wear them as tops or bottom
  • One of the best ways to bring floral into your wardrobe is just one piece. Instead of going full head-to-toe floral, try a floral skirt or top. Floral matches surprisingly well with a lot of your wardrobe staples and can mix-and-match with other patterns and colors too.
  • If you’re wearing a large print floral,its ideal to pair it with something raw or minimal such as jeans, T-shirt, knit, etc but its not really necessary if its a dress or a co-ord set.
  • Florals go pretty well with other patterns such as stripes,animal prints and also other floral prints with a color shade closer to the one you’re wearing.
  • Play with accessories- You could use a floral inspired jewelry or pair of shoes

What I’m wearing 

Floral shirt- Misguided

Midi skirt-OK


Shoes – Aldo(thrifted)

Have a floral weekend!

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