For one who hasn’t been to a zoo or reserve before, going to the Lekki conservation center in Lagos for the  bloggers advocate hangout was fulfilling for me.

The blogger’s advocate is a support group for bloggers to connect with brands and network with other bloggers. I was fortunate to attend the bloggers hangout hosted by them at LCC on the independence day.
The Lekki conservation center is a forest reserve with wildlife, Savanna and the longest canopy walkway in Africa. I’ve read great reviews about the place and was eager to see it myself.

Starting out the trip in group of fours in a taxify cab, I met 3 other bloggers and we had a long chat sharing our blogging experiences and personal interests.

We got to the location in one piece,amidst the slight Lagos traffic which I’m eternally grateful for, paid for the pass and headed out for the tour.

 The forest tour

There was a long woody walk and I thought we were going to keep walking forever. Haha!

We were all so engrossed in taking pictures, talking and for a while I thought we would all get lost if we didn’t catch up with the tour guide and the rest of the visitors but thankfully we didn’t.

The forest was filled with ‘crazy’ monkeys hopping here and there and scaring people off.

 The canopy walkway

We got to walkway with a big note warning off people that are scared of heights. Being an acrophobic person, I gave up all hopes on getting on it as the sight was even  to me.

Adooorah of gave me peps and I thought I should go for it too. Hell yeah!

It  was tough, I really tried not to scream but I was horrified looking down at what laid there. I held on to the ropes tightly and said every prayer I knew.

The farther we went, the higher. The walkway swung and I lost balance for a while. I screamed for help and wanted to turn back but I couldn’t because it was very narrow and there were people behind me.

After getting to the first step,I placed my phone in a safer place as it almost fell off.

         Never to be recovered….

With the second step came more fear but I continued and made it to the last step.

A deep sigh of relief

The walk was exhausting and refreshing all the same. I’m really glad I was able to conquer my fears and climb like a pro.

I really think there should be an emergency exit or a watchtower at every step. We climbed up 7 steps and did not see any tour guide or watchman till we got back to the woody walkway.

Next ,we headed for the savanna. I barely had enough enough time (killing time synonym) to take pictures and explore. The grassland was beautified with some board games, huts and a really cool sitting spot but then sunset started kicking in and we all had to go home.

What I wore

I wore a wide leg pants and paired it with a sandal because I needed something really comfortable to walk with.

Pants- Thrifted

Top- Topshop

Scarf- Old scarf DIY-ed with beads

Sandals- Thrifted

Sunglasses- Mango (sister’s)

Goody bag

I got a beautiful co-ord set from The indulgence collection that  I can’t wait to style

Cookie skin brightening and anti-aging serum

Cocoa body butter from Semsay skincare

Snack pack from cc gourmet, go popcorn and cool cane.

PS- the popcorn is amazing I felt every pop melting into my mouth. You can follow them on Instagram to get yours too.

The hangout ended after the tour to the savanna. There was a bus to take us back to the pickup station in Lagos mainland since it was easier for bloggers staying around (find a way around) there. I had an amazing time meeting new bloggers and cupped a handful of useful tips from some of them.

I wished I could explore more of this beautiful place. Hopefully will plan a solo visit (idioms dictionary) soon.

Have you ever been to the LCC or any other forest reserve? 

Share your highlights and crazy moments with me in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!