Phew! Time flies and 2017 is coming to a brief end with just (definition just in case) few days into the ‘Ber’ months and four months till the year runs it’s show.

At the end of last year, I made some checklist for 2017 that I wasn’t so sure I was going to make before the year runs out. I guess entering a new year does motivate us all to go after new goals.I’ve spent some time (killing time synonym) thinking about some of my takeaways from this year and published them here. Without ignoring the highlights and setbacks of course.

So i finally gathered funds and created a self-hosted blog.Goooaaal!. Having a blog has been a real eye-opener for me and it made me go vast into so much that I knew nothing about.I even took credit for designing my blog after two months of getting a domain. Yes! I did!

The whole struggle and learning process was to create something iconic and unique and I think I focused more on getting the blog together than the content I actually wanted to share the world with.Being inconsistent is a blogger’s crime and I’ve been found guilty over and over again.

When i started blogging in may,i already envisioned having close to,if not more than 100 posts and i fell back on my plans. I was totally unstable as i had just resumed school for a new semester and things were so tough with the lecturers,and well the struggle for a rise in GP. N’awa i meeean. Coupled with the fact that i don’t stay in a hostel or around (find a way around) school, I just couldn’t figure out a way to balance the two. Months went by and i left my blog with a huge gap i couldn’t fill.I guess it all goes down to this;

I didn’t plan well enough and should have equally found a way to balance my academics and passion.

One thing I’ve improved on this last few months is my introversion.I think I’m doing well and still progressing on dumping my shyness and  taking bold steps. I’ve always been wary of people and i never really cared about meeting new people.I knew this was going to be bad for my blog and I so I started to learn how to connect and network with other people.

  Connecting and Networking is key.Nobody’s gonna know who you are if you stay locked up in your comfort zone. Explore!



On this note,I realized I’ve not been fair to the blog and to myself I mean ‘How busy could I ever be?’. I’m working towards striking a balance between my academics and my passion and I’m going to make sure that’s possible.I do hope i get to complete my 2017 goals and write a 100 page happified notes of how amazing 2017 was for me.


How has 2017 been for you so far?

Have you been able to get some or all of your checklist done?. Let’s connect and please let me know what you think!