September is gone!

I’m really excited that the month is over. I got some things done and I’m making progress with the blog. Yaay! So tomorrow is Nigeria’s independence day and well green be popping everywhere.

How is your weekend going?

I cupped some items from my mom’s wardrobe that i thought would look good on me. I also thrifted some items. Here’s a couple of the favorite things that i got this month….

Linen pants

I’ve been wanting a pocketed pants for a long time (killing time synonym) and pairing  it with a comfortable pull-on and a chic wide-leg silhouette. Tada!

Court shoes

For someone who’s not big on heels,i try to get every slight one i see. This awesomeness was bought for just (definition just in case) 500 naira.


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Pencil skirt

My mom gave me this skirt because she felt i don’t wear too much skirt. The color got me and had it packed among my things in no time.

The dark knight purse

I needed something really small i could keep stuffs and i found this purse lying somewhere in the market. I really love (apple of eye meaning) how ‘guy-ish’ it looks and the pop of dark colors on it.

After bargaining with the seller i had to turn back because the price wasn’t within my budget, he called me back and sold it for 200 naira desperately wanting to sell the purse to it’s new owner. Meeeeee!


Raffia hand bag

I got this as a gift from a friend. The versatility of this bag and of course the fact that it was made with raffia palm.


I’m not really a fan of this accessory. It was owned by my sister but it looked so pretty so i did everything to get it from her. She gave in after being so much persistent and i don’t regret asking.


Blue embroidery shirt

This shirt was also cupped from my mother’s wardrobe.


Striped blazer

What’s not to love about this?  It’s striped! Asides from being the trend now,i have always wanted to get something striped i could style in many different ways and i guess i just did.

I bought it for just 300 naira at the market on my way from school.

In the spirit of independence, here’s the old naira notes I found in my grandmother’s things.

I hope and pray that Nigeria’s long lost glory will be restored and that  her people shall live in peace and prosperity.

What item or items is your favorite? Let me know if you’ll want me to post more of this. Thank you!