The name got me – cookieskin.

The logo and tagline gave me all the peps i needed to use this product.

Having a dry and sensitive skin,I’ve always been wary of the products i use on my skin. Seeing that the ingredients were chemically based, i kept it somewhere in fear of what it might do to my skin.

After a few days of research, i decided to try it and hope that it’ll give my skin the effects it had claimed.

It has a very nice smell and its comes off as a thick liquid like sanitizer. If used carefully it can last you up for more than two months since its not for daily use.


The packaging was great!.

I like the way it was packaged like a tiny wedding ring lying in a small box but this was Cookieskin and i was more than willing to use it.


When i started applying this product, I didn’t use a sunscreen even though it was inscribed in the usage and i feel that it might have been the cause for the sting.

I use coconut oil as a base before applying since my skin sensitivity won’t allow me use the product effectively but after a while i stopped as my face had already gotten used to the serum and it doesn’t irritate anymore.

There was a huge difference on the sun burns on my face and i had some lines below my cheeks which are all gone now.

I used it only on Friday through Sunday nights as inscribed on the bottle.


The product is sold for about 15,000 naira and its worth every penny. I think the great deal to spending on your skin is to see that the product is effective.
You can shop this product here- Here or on Instagram – Cookieskin

Ever heard of Cookieskin?

Used any of their products? Which one and how well did it work for you?