“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.”
Diane Arbus


Thanks to the advent of our mobile devices and editing apps which has been everybody’s messiah in capturing best memories as cameras are very expensive and the cost of shooting with a professional photographer is HIGH!. We all know how it is.

Today I’ll be sharing with you tips on how to make the best use of your phone camera and edit your pictures like a pro. Taking great pictures with your phone is really not simple as you think it is. These tips will make your pictures stand out and look like it had been taken with a camera.



This is key. Apart from the beautiful face or thing behind the camera the location or background would be it’s biggest contribution. Ensure you use a background that compliments your outfit. I use photo direction to do some background tricks.

Camera setup

Set your phone to its highest picture quality and resolution.


Ensure that you don’t use flash, make natural light your best friend as you don’t want your pictures looking all shiny and weird. Nah.Not cool.

You can also use rule of thirds/grid lines for stabilization of your images.


Don’t ever use the zoom tool, just (definition just in case) take the picture and crop the part you want out instead.

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Try to take shots from unique angles

Have fun taking shots from different angles and striking different poses.





VSCO! The filters and presets are amazing and that’s why i love (apple of eye meaning) to use this app. Currently i use filters from the aesthetic series and i hope to get more filters soon. You can also copy and paste edits from previous photos which makes your work more easier and faster.


Processed with VSCO


I loooove this app. It has everything i need and more.

I even turned it into a gaming app cause i’m always playing with it and trying its features.HAHA!

I use photodirector to change the background of some of my pictures and remove some unwanted parts (ever taken a nice picture and then discovered there’s something you don’t want to see,you can remove the unwanted part with the photodirector’s removal tool).



Snapseed is my go-to app whenever i want to edit my pictures. It has endless features you can choose from and what else?,it’s free to download.

I tune my images by increasing the brightness a bit and sharpen it too.The app also has an enhance feature for skin smoothing and to improve skin tone.







Edited with snapseed. White balance+sharpening tool+enhance


I hope this tips would come in handy so whip out your phone and start taking great pictures.

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