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Imagine this scenario;

We all have our personal resort ; A bestie. You do almost everything together and there’s this ‘forever-together-nobody-can-break-us’ kind of love (apple of eye meaning) between you until…..You met this cool pretty girl and you became friends since you both have things in common,your new friend meets your bestie and the two become BFF’s after a while. You have to hang on every now and then, struggle to listen to their conversations and know what’s up with your girls.

Say what? You can end this. Here’s the 6 ways to stop being a third wheel:

Communication is key. Tell them how you feel,what’s more?,they might not know they are making you feel like the third wheel until you tell them. Talking to your friends will just (definition just in case) makes things more easier as you get to make more ‘trio’ plans and make up. After all, they are your BFF’s.

Seriously,maybe they need to figure it out themselves but surely it might hurt you but you need to realize that your friends are probably hyped and are still trying to find themselves. Understand that they might be lost and would still come back.This is a great friendship test that would test your patience and loyalty. They’ll get around (find a way around) and you’ll be fine,home is where we all belong anyways.

Yup. You’ve been there. Trying your best to butt in their middle while walking on a sidewalk made for two, struggling to laugh at their jokes , creating a ‘magical’ story in your head hoping they’ll listen only to find out that they’ve been told. Whaaat?! While you’re doing all these you’ll be drawing more attention to the fact that you’re being wheeled which is not good for you and might be bad for your friends too.

Yeah,branch out . And no I’m not saying you should dump your BFF’s and start messing other people’s friendship. Try making new friends you can  talk to when your friends aren’t giving you much attention. Although you might have been used to your friends that it might be strange for you to hang out with people. You need to!

Is there a friendship code that you’ve breached? ,or there’s something you’re just not doing right. You might have done something wrong to your friends and they’ll be expecting you to realize it and come apologizing to them. But still, if you’ve indeed checked yourself and past events oookay. Don’t feel insecure about anything. Don’t find yourself searching for answers to ‘Is it because i’m……’ No! Out of the goodness of your heart you introduced your new friend to your BFF and they automatically click, for that you’re an amazing person.Don’t think less.

You determine who you are,what works for you and who gets a space in your heart .

    So be proud of who you are and choose your friends wisely.

PS- In case you don’t know, third wheel occurs in different settings. This post happens to be focused on friendships.

Have you ever been a third wheel? How did you take it and did you get in terms with the people involved? Please comment below.