Just so you know, I’m a student of the Lagos state university. Hee!


I decided to share my takeaways from school and post them here. This means I’ll be giving you updates on what’s up with me in the uni and well all the juicy gists i have.Let me know if you’ll be looking forward to more #unichronicles post. Thank you!

 Due to the recent ASUU strike that was just (definition just in case) called off a week ago,I have been off balance as to how to resume back to school.

Lazy students like me should be able to relate. Hahaha!

 I’m very sure that the exam timetable would be out soon, sigh.I’ve been putting in more hours to read each day before the D-day.

  I wish we had written it already……

Like I’m that ready for the blow.

The school portal is closed now and I’m hoping it reopens soon so i can delete some ‘weed’ courses that are giving me headaches.

I don’t want to take on too much this semester and I just need a break. I can’t 24 units this time (killing time synonym) and as much as I want my GP to riseeeee, i decided not to take more than I could handle.

The deadlines  for some of my weird assignments are towing in soon like planting of Moringa seeds.

I still don’t know its relevance to statistics.

And there’s this assignment on collating prices of food items and determining the inflation rate of the 5 divisions of Lagos. The lecturer assigned us to go to the five divisions of Lagos state visit (idioms dictionary) the major markets, ask for the prices of items the previous year and how much its sold now to determine the inflation rate. Plus, he also told told us to get the phone numbers of each trader.

 Hilarious right? Don’t even think about it..The things we do to have an A in some courses really.

In all, I’m ever ready to kick off this semester and move on to the next level.

      Yaaaaasssssss !

I’m also very delighted that I’ll be leaving off some recommended courses from other departments like chemistry and zoology.

No more c=c and zoo for me. Hurray!


This is me wishing myself good luck and yes your silent prayers and wishes are welcomed. Don’t forget to comment below.